Sunday, August 16, 2009

Repainting the House - Day Two

Another Day, another scrape, sand and prime job.

I've been out again, I know it doesn't look like much, maybe next post about this subject I'll get a closeup of just how bad this house is before touching it. Got another few boards scraped, sanded and primed. This afternoon I got more done on the other side, too, but the rains came, and there are no pictures - Next time, I will add them.

I tell you what, if I *EVER* meet the guy, the flipper, who re-did my house before I got here, I will give him what for about this! This idiot, as I said last post, had a painter come in and just spray over peeled, cracked and chipped fifty year old paint, leaving "The New Owner" to take care of it. Nice, huh? If I recall, he's a doctor somewhere near here. Quack and idiot!

I'll stop ranting now :)

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  1. Not so much as a comment to this, just a comment to your comment.

    Your half-l337/internet spelling is horrible. perhaps the dictionary links in my blog may help you ;)