Monday, August 31, 2009

House Repainting - Day Three

Well, I'm out of primer. First gallon, anyway. Got one coat on two more areas that I had scraped and sanded earlier in the day (this was all done on Saturday, by the way, I'm just now getting it here) This weekend coming is Labor Day, and I will be... not painting :) Getting a 24' ladder, though, so when I need, I can get up high, especially in the back.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Repainting the House - Day Two

Another Day, another scrape, sand and prime job.

I've been out again, I know it doesn't look like much, maybe next post about this subject I'll get a closeup of just how bad this house is before touching it. Got another few boards scraped, sanded and primed. This afternoon I got more done on the other side, too, but the rains came, and there are no pictures - Next time, I will add them.

I tell you what, if I *EVER* meet the guy, the flipper, who re-did my house before I got here, I will give him what for about this! This idiot, as I said last post, had a painter come in and just spray over peeled, cracked and chipped fifty year old paint, leaving "The New Owner" to take care of it. Nice, huh? If I recall, he's a doctor somewhere near here. Quack and idiot!

I'll stop ranting now :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Repainting the House - Day One

We have finally begun repainting the house! There is paint on here that I think has been here for nearly fifty years! The people I bought the house from were flippers, and they had a painter spray on the light brownish color without any scraping, sanding or prep of any kind. My son and I are now embarking on the arduous task of removing not only the flipper's spray, but also all the peeling, alligatored, just MESS that is on the house, and, at this point, applying two coats of primer. Check out the slide show, as you can tell, there is a LOT of house left to go!

Sorry for the bad quality, I took the photos right after we were done for the day, it was right at dusk, and my camera doesn't like that. Also, we are seemingly jumping all around the house because I thought to make it a priority to get the barest boards (and there are several!) prepped and primed, to try to stave off rot.