Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wow, I have a blog

All right, I'm past forty five. Some people get red convertibles, some a house in sunny California or something. I got myself a new blog. Blame it on the @AaronTheHobt and @BrentO, who got me started down this path tonight. They are people I follow on Twitter, who have really interesting blogs (unlike this one is starting out) and it got in my head to get on the blog wagon.

I'm aware the blogosphere has been around a long time without me. Let me learn, let me grow, let me find my way. Maybe I'll have some interesting SOMEthing to say at some point. Until then, this is how it begins.

1 comment:

  1. David,
    Apparently, I haven't been paying attention because seriously, I didn't know about this blog! Was reading your certification post...and just found a link to it. So you've been blogging for a year, huh? Cool. Been reading some posts (daughter getting married, painting, etc) and I feel like I'm just getting to know you.

    This is awesome! Glad I found it ;)